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Just about one month ago I launched my crowdfunding project to try and raise funds for a PR campaign that will help raise the profile of my book, and also the profile of alpacas as an alternative farming lifestyle. I did not really know what to expect, I had spoken to other people who had tried crowdfunding, and not achieved their target, and therefore not been allocated any funds. I was hopeful that if we set the target at a reasonable amount, offered up some nice rewards, and managed to get it in to the the public eye we could make our target.

We started really well, and a couple of great supporters quickly snapped up the weeks holiday and the two available adverts in the back of the sequel to Seriously Mum, What’s an Alpaca? that I am currently writing.

Slowly, slowly we picked up pace, and for about two weeks I wasn’t sure whether we would even get close to the target. Then, an article I had submitted to the Expat Telegraph about the project got published and we gained some fresh momentum. You can see the article here.

From then on we didn’t really look back and we reached our target with days to spare. Even on the last day someone invested £80 to get themselves an overnight stay at our farm with BBQ and breakfast, and we finished on 113% of our total. A great achievement. The next step is to start the PR campaign. I have instructed a PR company and hopefully we will be up and running for July through to December, and we will pick up the holiday and Christmas sales for the book. Of course, you never know, keep your eyes open, maybe you will start to see a few alpacas on TV, and maybe I’ll be with them 😉

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  1. Bill Turley says:

    Good for you guys! In 1997 I decided to move from the US (FL) to Colombia. When I retired about 11 years ago I bought a small finca on the slopes of The mountain Somondoco ( the Emerald Mountain)
    I enjoyed your first book on a Kindle book

  2. James says:

    PS. great fan of your alpaca books, Alan!

    I’d love to hear from any alpaca owners or breeders in Colombia. Maybe Bill or other visitors to Alsn’s site here have some tips?

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