Board Game Clue

There are lots of board games out there but few hold the same kind of appeal as the game called Clue. All the hallmarks of this game include a lot of frantic action and a sleuthing theme that make it a popular choice among children.

The Clue board game is a popular theme among adults as well as children who love mystery and fun. These people usually have a hard time relating to the game’s main character, who is a yellow shoe. But those who play the game say that she is cute and entertaining to be around.

The first thing a person has to do to win the game is to figure out who the culprit is in the first clue. This is when the rest of the game gets fun because the players will need to piece together the clues and get to the conclusion in order to reach the next clue. The main challenge is to not be the first player to be caught in the clues.

Before you start playing the Clue game, make sure you’ve gathered the information on the clues. Look at the clues’ pictures, their writing, or listen to their audio tracks. By having all the information, you will have a better chance of figuring out what the picture means. Make sure you’re completely informed on the clue before you start reading it.

Once you’ve figured out what the clue is all about, you’ll then need to work with the other players to solve the clues. The main goal is to find the culprit without being caught in any of the clues. When that happens, you’ll need to figure out which answers are the best ones to make your case.


The first clue that players see is the different colors that have been painted on a white board. While this clue is the easiest to figure out, there are still other clues that need to be solved in order to reach the conclusion. The clues will also show you the actual words that should be written on the board so the clue-finders have to use their wits to figure out which are the best clues.

Once the clues are known, the other players will need to collect their pieces for the puzzle. The board game also comes with a clue book that tells the players the correct answer as well as the possible ways of putting the pieces together to make the right solution. The second clue can also be found in the book.

You can easily beat the game by trying to figure out the clues yourself. But you can never be too safe when it comes to playing this game. If you think you may be the one to solve the mysteries of the board game, it is best to let the other players know the solution so they can figure it out too.