Shearing 2013

Last week was shearing week for the alpacas in Andalucia, Spain. Here at our farm our few alpacas were sheared on Wednesday. It is incredible to see the alpacas go from cute fluffy animals, to skinny little alien creatures, who hardly seem to recognise one another. James Dixon, our wonder shearer is an Aussie who comes over to Europe for three months a year and shears huge numbers of animals. This year in the Australian summer coming up he is shearing the whole herd of EP Cambridge, the biggest breeder of Alpacas in the world. Their Australian farm has about 2000 animals and it will take him about five weeks to get through them. To keep himself in shape during jobs of that size he practises yoga in the evenings. Here are some during and after photos!!

If you would like to get your hands on some of this remarkable fleece, for spinning, crafting or knitting, please get in touch with me.

Just to keep you up to date, with 16 days left of our crowd funder project we have already hit the 70% funded mark. This is great news, and there are still a couple of overnight stays on our farm left, plus a weekend break. Why not have a look at the link, see if anything tickles your fancy.


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