Sexual failure

In the last post I told you that there was soon to be a ‘Santa’s Sex Tape’ video that we would be uploading to youtube. Well since that post things haven’t gone to plan with our alpaca matings. The girls had not been pregnant for a while (Cassandra and Bermuda), so we expected to bring them round two ‘suitors’ and they would throw themselves to the ground, almost in desperation for the male attention. This is our first time organising our own matings, and the ones we have seen have all gone rather smoothly.

We shut the girls in their stable, and manoeuvred Cassandra out of the door, so she was on her own. Then we went round and collected our chosen boy for the deed. It was to be Santa, who will be 3 at Christmas, we were not sure he would be ‘ready’ to mate yet, but he was fighting with his male friends for supremacy in the herd so we thought he was ok. We entered with Santa, and Cassandra moved in, tail raised, so we were optimistic. This was not followed by the expected drop to the deck and straddling that we hoped for. Cassandra went running around the paddock, followed by Santa, orgling away and getting spat at profusely by Cassandra.  Maybe Santa wasn’t ready. So we went back to the paddock and collected Eduardo. The same thing happened, although Cassandra was clucking at him. When the girls have had babies they have clucked at them as a bonding exercise, so we thought that was a good sign.  But the same scenario ensued. We gave up for day 1.

On day 2, we decided to try both Cassandra and Bermuda, and we tried Bermuda first. This time with Rafa, our eldest boy, and he is big and strong we hoped he would get the job done. Exactly the same scenario occurred, spitting and chasing, Bermuda was not at all interested. We even, as a bit of a joke, got out the Barry White and Marvin Gaye music but it didn’t seem to help the mood. Next we tried keeping Rafa and Eduardo on their halters, and just inching them closer to the girls, but Bermuda kept spitting and Cassandra kept clucking. So we gave up for day 2. And so far all the video footage we have is of female alpacas being chased around by boy alpacas and lots of spitting and screaming, not very nice. We will keep you informed, maybe after a few meetings, a few drinks and some romance, things will liven up! We hope so.

On other farm matters, the chickens have stopped laying eggs, since we had to keep them in for 10 days as one had a chest infection, and they all had antibiotics. Also, we read online that maybe the shorter daylight hours affects their laying. The dogs are getting longer walks as the weather has cooled and we need more exercise ourselves, so they are having a nice time.

The book, ‘Bloody Hell, What’s An Alpaca?’, is now available for download on kindle. The cover was designed by our good friend Richard Newman, who is an amazing artist, you can see some of his work here. Also, great thanks must go to our friend Jo, who did some editing on the rough draft of the book we sent here, plus Victoria Twead (click here) who helped us publish through her company Without the help of these people we would never have got the stage that we have, so thank you to all.

Amazon Link for Kindle Version of Book 

This is the cover for the book!



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