Review – Axis and Allies Board Game

A board game that can be played in less than five minutes, Axis and Allies takes the idea of ‘board games’ to a whole new level. This is because it is not a traditional, traditional board game. The game is much more innovative in design and is designed with the younger age group in mind. In fact, it is an interactive computer game so that your child can play it with the rest of the family.

The premise of the game is that you are playing online games. That means that you are getting involved in the War from a different point of view. It is very important that you get into the war if you are going to play the game.

The fact that it is a simple concept and one that the right brain can understand easily means that you can jump in without too much trouble. Since you are playing as a player, you are essentially in command of a tank and the virtual battlefield as well. In some of the early tests, it was found that there were a lot of flaws in the design of the game. It also made for an uncomfortable experience for those who did not have a great deal of experience in the tank battle.

Many people criticized the game for its simplicity and for being a bit dull. They said that it felt like being stuck in the trenches of the First World War. I cannot argue with these people.

But there are a lot of fans out there of this type of games. They say that this is a game that does not let you down. It gives you a feeling of what the fighting is like, and the way the shells and bullets are pinging off the front lines can bring back memories of the First World War. In fact, some of the World War II games have been more successful than some of the WWI based games.


There is no doubt that this game has changed the way that people play computer games. It makes for a great game night conversation as you discuss what happened on the front line. You can also discuss various aspects of the war with your family or friends. And if you want to play it against your children, you can do so without fear of them losing their composure.

For parents of younger children, this game is probably best suited for the younger age group. This is because kids love to try to win. So you need to be careful to avoid a situation where the kids lose control and begin beating each other up. It can really turn into a brawl, so it is best to avoid this at all costs.

Axis and Allies is a board game that is a real blast to play. It gives you an excellent view of war that you may not otherwise get from a traditional board game. This is probably one of the few board games that are suitable for all ages.

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