Look at What You Could Have Won…

July was a month for filling some of the rewards that people had earned by investing in our crowdfunding scheme. We had three visits, from three different groups, who all came to meet the alpacas, and some even got to go for a walk!!

Firstly, we met Nikki and Ray and their children Ruby and Harry, who are building a new house in the countryside in Montoro, where we live. It was lovely to meet the family, and we look forward to being able to spend more time with our new ‘local’ friends.


 Ruby and Harry get up close and personal with Marcus and Eduardo (apologies for the wall)


 Harry about to sit on Blue

Our next two visitors had both requested the same date. As one was for a lunchtime meeting, and the other was an overnight trip we decided to go for it, which did make for an exhausting, but very enjoyable day. First up, arriving early before the sun got too hot, was Joanne, Dennis, Margaret and Joanne’s Mum, Marlene.

We took the alpacas for a walk first thing before it got too hot…





Dennis and Arthur had a bit of a ‘thing’ going, a mutual appreciation society.

Later that day, after a quick clean, and a shower, we had the motley crew from La Rosilla (find out more about the fabulous La Rosilla here http://larosilla.info/)  in Malaga arrive. I was a bit nervous about this one as Lynsey is a chef, and her food always looks amazing, so we needed to be on our best form for the BBQ that was to come. I needn’t have worried, everybody was lovely and relaxed, and the following morning, we also took the alpacas out once again!


Feeding the boys


Lynsey and Rafa in a battle of wills


Lynsey back in control

Once again, I would like to say thank you to all of you guys who got involved, we are really looking forward to fulfilling the next round of rewards.

If you would be interested in coming to meet the alpacas, or staying over night and enjoying the delights of the Olive Mill, please check out this page http://whats-an-alpaca.com/meet-the-alpacas/

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