Keep Calm and Read a Book



Since we moved to Spain, many of you will know we have had our fair share of ups and downs, but this week it seems we have become embroiled in the first ‘real’ crisis to happen to the expat population in Spain since that time.

“What is it?” You ask. “Have the NHS/Spanish government/EU withdrawn all your healthcare?” (They are trying to do that anyway), “Has the local Spanish Town Hall decided to bulldoze your house or build a road through your garden?” No, it’s none of these.

The catastrophe that has fallen upon us….we have lost UK TV! We can no longer receive BBC (don’t pay for a licence anyway), ITV or Channel Four.

So what are the options?

I have read lots about this and there seems to be a couple of things you can do…pay for Sky HD and get some channels back, and give Sky your money, go through the internet (although connection is unreliable here) or pay some to get you an IPTV box or…..

Why not start living in Spain?

You could learn to dance Sevillana (Lorna is, and she loves it. No English people there by the way!)



What about going out and discovering the amazing Spanish countryside?

dry lake




Learn to cook real Spanish food…





Or of course you could just read a book. It will be ok you know!!!

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4 Responses to Keep Calm and Read a Book

  1. Gaynor says:

    Read a book sounds the best plan!

  2. Zofia says:

    I do all the above (well, not learning Sevillana but my aerobics teacher throws in a bit of dance) as WELL as watching TV. Agree that it seems to be the only topic of conversation amongst the expat community! It’s not the end of the world, but it is a bit of a disaster to someone like me, who spends a lot of time at home with no company other than two 10-year olds and a couple of cats,and no social life to speak of. But, in the words of Gloria Gaynor – I WILL SURVIVE!

    • alpadmin says:

      I think some people will find it is the best thing that ever happened to them! I understand being stuck at home can be difficult though, at least you have your music 😉

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