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The last few weeks have all been a bit surreal really, over the summer, when the weather was too hot to do anything else I wrote out our story for our book, but we never really thought anything would happen. Then we started to look into self-publishing, and although we may never have made any money out of it, if people were interested then they would have been able to read our story. Now, we are working with a digital publishing company, antpress.org, who are helping us to get the digital version of the book out there, on all available formats. Our good friend Rich Newman is helping us with cover design. Once all that is ready, we will send it off for self-publishing, when it will be available for purchase on Amazon and available to other outlets through wholesalers. Who knows we may even sell a few copies, how very exciting.

So since the summer has finished, our house was featured on a Canadian Fantasy property programme called ‘Live Here, Buy This’ http://www.hgtv.ca/liveherebuythis/ and we have done some tidying, clearing and sprucing, just in case any millionaire Canadian property magnates wish to come and view our beautiful home.

Then came the Montoro feria, although sadly our car’s ITV test had run out and we were a little nervous to go out on the road without it, so we only attended for one night with our friends Kev and Sue who have just moved to Montoro. We had a drink, caught up on the gossip and watched crazy Spanish teenagers on the fairground rides. Then we sat and had wonderful churros, a kind of curly Spanish donut, dipped in thick hot chocolate. Normally I am left totally underwhelmed by churros, but this was the best I have ever tasted. Can’t wait till next years!!

Finally, today, we have been toe nail trimming and applying some cream to some sore bits on the girl alpacas. We are going to start breeding them this weekend, starting with Cassandra. I think our lovely Santa is going to get his first go at ‘sexytime’, so we may have to get out the Barry White albums and encourage him with some orgling. The week after we will try and mate Bermuda, and then about 4 or 5 weeks after Cassandra we will ‘do’ Lily. The reason behind this is because Lily’s last two cria have been born about a month premature, and neither have survived. We hope this time we may be able to milk some colostrum from the first two girls when they give birth, and have this on standby, in case Lily gives birth early again. Last time she had got pregnant through an escapee boy, so we were not sure until the last minute, this time we will be able to treat her gently and stress free and keep our fingers crossed that she can have a successful pregnancy.

The dogs are all fine, except Carlos had an incident where he fell off the high wall, and seemed to hurt his tail. But we gave him an anti-inflammatory and all seems ok now, although he hates this time of year, as the hunting season has just started and the bangs make him nervous. Miliko is as mad as ever, and Geri plods on. Arthur and Blue are as big and cumbersome as ever.

I think that is all the news, but keep your eyes peeled, hopefully soon you will be seeing the video blog – Santa’s first sex tape!!

This is our darling Santa

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