Interview with Victoria Twead

I did a live Facebook interview with Victoria Twead, author of Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools, here is how it went.

Right then, let’s say Good Morning (just), to Victoria Twead, author of the book, Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools, and the rest of the Old Fools series 🙂

Morning! Beautiful day here

But cold I guess? It’s cold here in the hills. Hope you are well Victoria 

Very well, thanks. Chickens laying, village full of life, all’s well with the world…

Right then Victoria, lets get going!! Why did you want you move to Spain?

Ah, that’s what everybody asks! I’m a list-maker, (they used to call me ‘Schindler’ in the UK) and this was the list I made, taken from ‘Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools’.
Sunny weather • Cheap houses • Live in the country • Miniscule council tax • Friendly people • Less crime • No heating bills • Cheap petrol • Wonderful Spanish food • Cheap wine and beer • Much more laid-back life style • Could afford house big enough for family
and visitors to stay • No TV licence • Only short flight to UK • Might live longer because Mediterranean diet is healthiest in the world.Not all those proved true, by the way!

I think the ‘might live longer’ might be counter acted by the ‘cheap wine and beer’

Why did you choose the area where you live?

I agree! We’re still alive though… *pinches herself to check*

We chose the Almeria area because we already knew it quite well, and the scenery is beautiful.

That sounds more sensible than us. We had never even been to this area before we came to view 

How did you get involved with the chickens?

Thrown in at the deep end! Our neighbour insisted we needed them, ordered us into his car and drove us to the chicken shop to buy some. We didn’t have any choice, really. I’m sure they’re easier to care for than alpacas, though.

Chicken shop  It is a bit like that here. They think we are mad because we don’t want cockerels!!

How did the first book come about?

You’re wise not to have cockerels. Our Cocky was the rooster from hell and got us into loads of trouble. RIP Cocky.

The first book came about because I keep records of everything, and SO many hilarious things kept happening, that it was obvious to write a book about it. When ‘Chickens’ became an Amazon Bestseller, I knew I had to write the sequel.

Wow, that’s great. It must have been amazing to get on the bestseller list  Victoria, tell us about your latest project.

It was truly amazing, almost as good as becoming a grandmother.  Latest project? Ah, that’s the third in the Old Fools trilogy, ‘Two Old Fools on a Camel’. Very different setting from the first two Old Fools books. It should be out in the next week or so, before Christmas. *fingers crossed*

Trilogy makes it sound as though it’s complete? Will it be the last one?

The Trilogy is complete, and will be published as a bundle eventually, as well as three separate books. No, it won’t be the last. Writing is an addiction!

Ok, then last one. What does the future hold for the ‘Old Fools’?

Lots more Spanish sunshine, books and vino, we hope! 🙂:)

Sounds great 🙂:) Thank you so much for joining me Victoria. Do you have a web site where people can find you?

Thanks, Alan, and the best of luck with ‘Bloody Hell, What’s an Alpaca.’ My website is , thanks for asking, but it’s not behaving itself very well at the moment. 🙁:(

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