Interview with Noemi Gambini in Italy

Good evening. It is very cold here. Is it cold there?

yes, it’s very cold here in the Marche region, near Tuscany region!

We will get going and I can go and light a fire  Why and how did you get in to alpaca breeding?

During the 2007 i was looking for a different job to inspire my activity of illustrator, because i was diplomate in art and Illustration for children’s book, and i didn’t want do an office job. So i decided to look for sheep breeding.
After few months of research i saw an alpaca’s photo on a web site, and i totally felt in love with alpacas! but i didn’t know anything about alpacas!
So i started a fulltime research on internet. I had big problems because all the informations about alpacas are in english, and i never studied english, so i started to learn english to understand something.
it was a loooong year! in 2008 i decided to contact all the italian alpaca breeders. the quality of the alpacas was terrible: half llamas, no coverage, no crimp, no density, no correct frame, no correct teeth. For the first months of research, i went home from alpaca’s trip very disappointed for the miserable situation of the italian breeders.
finally at the beginning of the 2009 i visited a breeding in Italy that have done some good selection and i started with 3 pregnant females, two maiden and a male cria. My idea was to bring the italian quality at the top, covering the huge quality diffrence with the other european, australian and american breeders.
was a big dream, i was only 21 years old, but i was very passionate. In 2010 i founded the “Società Italiana Alpaca” that is the first italian alpaca society.

Sorry, thought I had posted the next one  2. Tell us a bit about the business where you live.

don’t worry Alan. The italian alpaca market is totally new, we are a new fresh market ready to work and import quality alpacas at reasonable prices.
The market is very interesting for people, a lot of people contact me or other italian breeders to ask about alpacas and this business.
But i think that there is a speculation on alpaca’s prices(not only in Italy!), too many times i found medium quality alpacas at high prices, this is a problem.
In Italy we need more alpacas and overseas breeder don’t understand that we have a big possibilities to help breeders from all of the world, to sell a big number of alpacas in Italy.
So the only problem that we have, is that we don’t have alpacas to sell to other breeders and the overseas breeders prefer to retain their alpacas.
we don’t have problems with fleece industries, Italian industrialist buy the the 90% of the quality alpaca’s fleece in the WORLD!!!

That’s very interesting about the fleeces. What are your main objectives?

yes i live in the right country for the fleece processing  i decided to specialize my breeding in quality grey alpacas
The reason is that there aren’t grey alpacas in Italy or in Europe!
i bought in Australia a little grey group.
Now i’m looking for a Quality grey male to import for my breeding program from New Zeland or USA or Canada. 
i would like to improve the italian alpaca quality with my work, also with the help of the italian alpaca society and with the help of the others breeders.

 Nice. I love the greys  Does the area you live in provide any specific difficulties or challenges?

me too! greys are great!:) In the last 10 years, the italian climatic situation is changed a lot.
now we have snowy winter (with 3.45 meters of snow, last february) and desertic summer with 45°C, is not normal.
this cause a lot of problems in the management of the herd in the extreme climatic situations.

We have extremes, either very wet or more normally very dry!! What do you do with your fleece?

yes, i know, you are not too far from Italy  i process my alpaca fleece in the north of Italy, the cradle of the processed fleece in the world. i produce a yarn and i contacted an artisan in Italy that produce parisian socks for me. i will sell my products in my new website and to local customers with my brand.

Last one – What are your plans for the next year?

ahahahah nice  First of all i would like to import a grey stud male in Italy for me to realize my objective of improve the quality of my alpacas, i will put the base for an high quality grey breeding program.
I have to built a new barn for my growing herd, that’s quite expensive, because in Italy we have high prices for building:/ and i would like to realize a good production of yarn to sell and to produce good quality products

All excellent ideas  Thank you for joining in Noemi, it has been fun  Do you have a web site where people can find you?

thank you too Alan for this nice interview! this is my old website:

but i’m working on the new one, soon will be ready! and this is the website of the italian alpaca society:

thank you very much

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