Fancy a change of lifestyle?

Have you ever thought about escaping the hum drum lifestyle of the nine to five and moving to the countryside? What about leaving the rat race behind forever and doing something you never thought possible? How about even just following that dream?

Well what about this for an opportunity? We feel that the time is right to leave the Olive Mill and move on to our next adventure. We will be staying in Spain, probably in Andalucia and if we could take our house (and Montoro) with us, we would. Here is the thing…we need better land for the alpacas. Our dream when we moved here was to make a living breeding these amazing animals, but we need a bit more flat land and to be closer to the people likely to buy them. So the Olive Mill is up for sale.


Do you like it?

The Olive Mill is situated about 15km from the town of Montoro, which is historically known for Olive Oil and it’s Semana Santa celebrations. This town has all the amenities you would expect including banks, gyms and supermarkets. Montoro is not an expat area, although there are a few UK families dotted around the campo. The road from Montoro is about 5km motorway, followed by a country road (tarmac) of 12km and finally a 3km track. It takes about twenty minutes to drive to Montoro. Although a 4×4 is not necessary, a sturdy car would be preferrable over time. The local ayuntimiento maintain the track as there are lots of olive farms on the route, plus it is on the list of Junta de Andalucias camino de campo. Two years ago they concreted the last 1km of track before our house, making it much better in the winter.



The city of Cordoba is only a 45 minute drive from the Olive Mill, and is a lively city that can be investigated on foot. A tourist attraction at most times of the year, it really comes to life in May, when the Festival of the Patios is held as well as the enormous feria.

There are plenty of places to enjoy walking within minutes of the Olive Mill, and of course, you could keep horses or even a couple of alpacas to help with the gardening.


At the moment the Olive Mill is set up as three seperate areas of living accommodation. The first apartment is a three bedroomed, spacious apartment with a large kitchen and living area and a woodburning stove for winter.

The second apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The front door is accessed from the huge cobbled terrace where the olives would have been stored in the past. This is also where the spring water for the house flows in to a deposit. On the deposit there is a pump (new last year) that is used to pump the water up to a different deposit at the top of the hill that supplies the house with water. The water is unlimited and flows at about 8-10000 litres a day.

The Casita is a large open plan space, designed to be enjoyed by a couple. The small garden area leads out the swimming pool area. There is a self contained kitchen and bathroom in the Casita. There is a large tiled bath, we call The Poolette which can be filled in the summer and used to cool off.

The land around the house totals 35000sq metres, and is predominently olives. There are 350 trees that come with the house. Currently, for us, a farmer collects the olives and in return gives us 30litres of olive oil and all the firewood from the trees each year. It would be possible for the new owners to re-negotiate this, or even take over the olive farming duties themselves. There are plenty of courtyard areas and the swimming pool is fibre glass and could be removed if necessary. There are also a lot of spare rooms, currently used for storage that could be renovated and turned in to more accommodation, at least two more apartments. Although this would need to take in to account the increased demand for electricity.

At the moment the Olive Mill is powered by solar electricity. There are eight panels on the roof of the main house and twelve batteries. We also have a second system, although that needs repairing but the panels and batteries are in place. There is electricity close by, but we have never felt it necessary, although you do need a generator for back up as the water pump runs on the generator. We have one here that could be sold with the house. 

We are aware that there are a few jobs that need doing at the Olive Mill and as such, last year we reduced the price from €450,000 to €339,000. We think that the Olive Mill would suit a young couple, who are willing to get their hands dirty and enjoy the physical side of rural life. There is ample space for growing your own produce, and, if you live in the right way, you could almost be self sufficient. We currently have a satellite internet system from Tooway, and a mobile phone as there is no fixed telephone line. There is talk that a new wifi system from Montoro will be available here soon, but as yet we have no news on that.

The IBI from two bills totals around €200 per year.

If you have any questions, or would like to see more information please contact Alan Parks at or Alan Parks on Facebook.

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