Facebook Art Competition

I was really pleased with the response on my Facebook page for people to enter their paintings or drawings of alpacas to try and win a free copy of my ebook, Seriously Mum, What’s an Alpaca? We had a number of entries, and I could not choose a winner, they were all so good, I awarded free ebooks to all the entrants. I wanted to share the entries with you here, so here they are, in no particular order.


Andrea Rosenfield Cote



 Ann Weir


Chantal Versleijen-Van de Winkel



Cheryl Bakas Ryberg




Denise Reiling, by her brother Joseph Patterson



Kimberly Provost


Leah Duclaud


Noemi Gambini


Di Worthy

gay moller

Gay Moller

sandy barrettSandy Barrett


Vivien Laycock


And, somehow I missed these two entries from some younger people. They are the children of Chantal, who entered above.

Gaby, 9 Netherlands

Gaby, 9 from the Netherlands


Sten, 8 Netherlands

Sten, 8 from  the Netherlands

John, 5 years old Australia

and this one was entered after the closing date, but is a very fine effort from John, in Australia, who is only 5 years old 🙂


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