Seriously Mum, What’s an Alpaca?



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5 Responses to Seriously Mum, What’s an Alpaca?

  1. Kate Harris says:

    My sister sent me Seriously Mum What’s an Alpaca? for my birthday. Alpacas are great characters and I was lucky enough to meet some on holiday in Brittany, France at I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was entertaining and gave a real account of what this kind of adventure entails! I’d recommend this book as a very good read. Hats off to Alan Parks.

  2. Jan says:

    I just read the alpaca book and the one with the donkeys in the title. Now I am curious to know if the girls had their crias, were they OK, and did the unlucky mum, Lily, finally have a healthy little one, or did she lose this one as well. I hope not!
    If you self publish with Amazon, I would hope you would get something when the book sold. I found your books on Amazon’s Book Bub, an inexpensive source of books. I thoroughly enjoyed them!!

    • alpadmin says:

      Hi Jan, nice to hear from you. There is a third book, Seriously Mum, How Many Cats? that should tie up your loose ends. I do self publish, and I get a little bit from each sale unless it is free.

  3. Veronica says:

    Hi there! I just read your post “What is happening to the world” and I must say, you have gained a new fan! (I acquired some of your books through BookBub on Kindle, but haven’t had the chance to read them yet, something I will now make sure I do.)
    I’ve been browsing your site, and noticed there was no option to comment on that blog post, so I’m commenting here.

    It appears as though your links to your books are no longer active. I don’t know if Amazon changed their urls or what, but I thought you should know so you can keep your site up to date with ways to buy your books.

    Take care, I look forward to reading more by you!

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