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Going Native in Murcia is a guidebook with a difference. It doesn’t just tell you where to go and what to see. The authors, who live in and know the area, have included lots of little anecdotes and information about villages off the beaten track that you would not otherwise get told about. I have not read the first two editions of this book, but this edition is great and I would think that there is really no need for any other guide to find the do’s and dont’s for this relatively undiscovered area of Spain. Download it, then go and visit 🙂

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  1. jilly simmons says:

    Having read the alpaca book, I wonder if Alan Parks’ Spanish has improved at all? Más instead of mas, favor instead of favour, buenos dĂ­as instead of buenas and inglĂ©s instead of ingles. The Guardia CivĂ­l police are in green, Trafico in blue and “the Spanish” are called “Spaniards”. If it makes him feel any better, my dogs came through on the conveyor belt on their heads and I was nearly locked up my first day

    • alpadmin says:

      Hi Jill, thanks for reading ‘Alpaca’. I fear that no, my Spanish is still bad. Hopefully it may be better in book 2. However, The Trafico department of the GC actually dress in green (I have been pulled over a few times), and it is the Policia Local who wear blue.

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