Bloody Hell – The Book!

For months, if not years now, when we have been sitting around reminiscing about the various funny and tragic things that have happened to us since we moved here people have said to us “You should write a book!” We have discussed it before, Lorna and I, but always come up against one small problem, we only had one laptop, and that is used predominately for communication with the outside world, so, if one of us was to spend all day using it for writing, the other would get a bit peed off. After an appeal on Facebook, or The Facebook if you are older, our great friend Trudy Mills, kindly sent us out a small Notebook computer that was no longer needed by her family. Now we had no excuse.

Everyday in the summer, when it was too hot to be doing anything else, I went off by myself and tried to concentrate, and get down in words some of the amazing things that have happened to Lorna and I. We have been together now for nearly ten years, and been through a lot together from family deaths, job losses, teenage troubles and now moving abroad and animal tragedies. Most of these things are easy(ish) to talk about but it is difficult to get down on paper in a way that you hope people will find funny and engaging.

Neither Lorna or I wanted the book to feel like a long moan about the terrible things that have happened to us, or for it to sound like we don’t like living here because we do, we love it. In truth, it took us longer to adapt to our isolated lifestyle than we ever imagined it would, probably two years, which included the wettest winter in living memory. Now, I really can’t imagine living anywhere ‘normal’ again.

When people visit us, they always say, “It’s lovely for a holiday, but I couldn’t live here!” We are very isolated, 15 kilometres drive from Montoro, our local town, and in the winter very often at night we are the only people around for miles. If you stand outside and look around, our light is the only one in sight. That can be a little unnerving sometimes, especially if there is a real big storm! Also, we do not have mains electricity, we only have solar. That means sometimes if the weather is cloudy we can’t watch TV for a few days, shock, horror! People also seem to feel the need to be able to get to shop in 2 minutes or just be around people, I don’t know, maybe I have changed but I do think it would do every person some good to learn to live a different way for a while, and hopefully that will come across in the book.

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