5 items that cost more than a Kindle book

Recently there has been a lot of talk about how readers now expect to be able to buy books for their Kindle for as little as 99c or even get the for Free. Prices have been driven down because of the amount of books now available for such low prices and authors royalties have been slashed as a result. Just for your information, for every book an author sells on Amazon, if the price is 99c or 99p then the author gets only 35% of that price. Then you have to take into account paying tax on those earnings. At the normal price of my books, $3.99 in the US or £1.99 in the UK, I get 70% from Amazon, which means I get about $2.80 per book in the US and about £1.40 in the UK. That means I have to sell a lot of books to feed my alpacas.

Below I have listed some regular items that people do not think twice about buying. These things give instant gratification, like a cup of coffee or a Big Mac, but the books that you buy for your Kindle will have been worked on for many months, possibly even years by the author. Then, they have to pay for editing (unless they have a good friend) and for a good cover design. This can cost hundreds of dollars.

Next time you think twice about the cost of a book for your Kindle, please remember, if you can afford your Iced Vanilla Latte with extra Espresso, you can afford the price of months of an author’s time.




Starbucks Coffee – UK price approx £2.10 & US price approx $4.75


Big Mac – UK price approx £2.69 & US price approx $4.50

ticketMovie – UK price approx £10 & US price approx $10


Playstation Game – UK price approx £50 & US price approx $80


Yacht – UK price approx £30million & US price approx $50million


Amazon Bestselling Book – Only £1.99 or $3.99! 

Currently, in the UK my first book, Seriously Mum, What’s an Alpaca? is the number one selling Cat Book in the UK. It is ahead of A Streetcat Named Bob, which has sold literally millions of copies. If you haven’t yet decided to read about our Spanish alpaca adventure, then now might be a good time to risk those pennies! Click here to buy!

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